R. FreemanAerospace Engineering

C. McNabb – Applied Physics

M. Steele – Biomedical Engineering

S. Hamlin – Chemical Engineering

M. Blank – Civil & Environmental Engineering

C. Miller – Climate and Space Sciences & Engineering

T. Smith – Computer Science and Engineering

K. Thornton (PhD) – Electrical and Computer Engineering

J. Linn (Master’s) – Electrical and Computer Engineering

M. ChapmanEngineering Education Research

S. Shen – Industrial & Operations Engineering

R. Hamilton – ISD: Automotive Engineering, ISD: Energy Systems Engineering;

ISD: Design Science

K. Bishar – ISD: Global Automotive and Manufacturing, ISD: Manufacturing;

ISD: Systems Engineering and Design

R. Hilgendorf – Materials Science & Engineering

E. FrankishMechanical Engineering

N. Fiveland – Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

G. Roberts – Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Science